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Engaged Management ReView
An open-access journal of problem-driven management scholarship hosted by Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management.
DBA Compass
A comprehensive database of DBA programs worldwide.
Doctoral Business Programs
Do I Need a Business Degree to Complete a Business Doctoral Program? A doctoral degree not only qualifies you to teach in a university setting but is also suitable in a business setting, thanks to the superior critical thinking and data analysis skills required to address issues across industries ...

Relevant Journal and Magazine Articles

The Pathways Commission
Charting a National Strategy for the Next Generation of Accountants by the American Institute of CPAs and the American Accounting Association
A Different Model for Doctoral Education in Accounting and Auditing
Student and Faculty Reflections by Carol C. Bishop, Douglas M. Boyle, Richard R. Clune, and Dana R. Hermanson
Report: Time to Shake Up B-School Ph.D.s
by Melissa Korn
Blazing a Different Path- A Career in Academia
by Thomas G. Noland, CMA, CPA, CDFM and Gregory L. Prescott, CMA, CFM, CPA
The Promise of Business Doctoral Education
Setting the pace for innovation, sustainability, relevance, and quality by the AASCB International Doctoral Education Task Force
Professional Doctorates in Management
Toward a Practice-Based Approach to Doctoral Education by Subhabrata Banerjee and Clive Morley
The Business Professional Doctorate as an Informing Channel:
A Survey and Analysis by T. Grandon Gill and Uwe Hoppe
Debunking the Doctor of Business Administration
by Alexandra Skinner featured in CEO Magazine
Business Professional Doctoral Programs: Student Motivations, Educational Process, and Graduate Career Outcomes
by Louis Grabowski and Jeanette Miller